Savings and Advantages of Solar Energy

How much is your solar investment worth? Here are some of the true benefits of solar powered roofs for your home or office.

1) Protection from rising electric rates: By owning and generating your own power, you will no longer be subject to brunt of utility rate hikes.

2) Lower electrical bills: During daylight hours, your electric meter will feed clean solar power to the power grid with solar energy credits; during the night hours, you will take power from the grid with Net Metering. This means cheap solar power. In fact, your utility company will credit your bill for the solar energy you produced for them and you will see a reduced electrical bill of at least 40-80%, depending on your current usage.

3) Increased property value: Using conservative estimates, one of the major solar benefits of a PV system is that it will increase your Year 1 property value by approximately $18,000 per unit.

4) A long lifetime with low maintenance: Solar power systems are warranted for 25 years, and require only occasional rinsing to clear dust and obstructions. That's just one more benefit of solar energy that pays long-term residuals.

5) Environmentally responsible: By making a solar investment in PV panels, you'll be doing your part to combat global warming, while actually lowering your dependence on foreign oil and gas.

6) Sustainable and renewable: Among all solar power benefits, a simple solar power fact is that the sun is a 100% free, sustainable, infinite energy source. As a natural source of power, we will never run out of it or use it up to refuel our vehicles, to heat our water or to light our homes.

Solar Tax Incentives: 26% of cost

There has never been a better time than now to invest in solar electric. Federal tax incentives are available for consumers for the purchase and installation of solar systems. Current tax credits include both solar photovoltatic (PV) and solar hot water (solar thermal) systems, as well as other renewable energy investments.

• 26% for systems placed in service before 12/31/2022

• Any complete solar power package for home or business.
• Emergency battery backup system wherein at least one solar panel is used.
• Products that expand your existing solar power system and include at least one
• Solar System for RV and boat that has been accepted by the IRS as a second home for tax purposes.

At SolarTech Solutions we take the time to educate our clients and explain the available solar panel options. We have partnered with two specific solar panel manufacturers, Solaria (which is German engineered and USA made) and with mSquare (which is Australian made).

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The sun shines its energy to the earth every day, even if clouds are present, but few people know how to put that power to work for them. Going solar is a simple process, which is streamlined and easy, thanks to the great advances in the solar industry in the last 15 years. SolarTech Energy hopes to educate you along the way about solar power as we equip your home to harness that great power of the sun daily for you!


As more and more people come to understand the great advantages and savings of owning your own power system, many out-of-region and out-of-state companies are trying to take advantage of this great surge in interest. SolarTech Energy Solutions is locally owned and operated by people who were born in West Texas and understand who we are and what our needs are in this region. We have 20 years background in working with the renewable energy fields and are here to stay. We stand behind everything thing that we do by our local presence. When you go solar, you should not just buying equipment that will be on your roof for 25 years, but you should be buying confidence that you and your equipment will be well taken care of by a local presence, SolarTech Energy Solutions, Lubbock, Texas, not a company in California or Arizona, or even Austin or Houston.


We take care of all the details during the preparation and installation process, so you can just sit back and relax. Our easy-to-use app provides real-time insights into your energy system, and our guarantee ensures it will perform as promised for 20 years.