1. Free Consultation

We understand that an informed customer is the best customer. That's precisely why each and every one of our solar projects begins with a free consultation. At a time that fits your schedule, one of our expert solar consultants will meet with you to discuss your personal energy use, assess your solar needs and answer all your questions.

2. No-Hassle Proposal

During your consultation, you will receive a free, no obligation proposal that includes your solar panel system design and a customized quote detailing your energy savings and financial options, including the available incentive 26% tax credit. It's our job to make sure you're getting the maximum savings and return on your solar investment.

3. Quick Installation

After we find a system that will work for you and you sign the contract with SolarTech Energy Solutions, LLC, we take care of all the rest. Our expert installation team will handle all inspections, permits and paperwork and install your system within a short time frame. Just sit back and get ready to save.

4. Power On

It's time to flip the switch on your new SolarTech Energy Solutions Solar Power system, enjoy the savings and be the envy of your neighborhood. Within a few days of turning on your new system, a member of our Power-On Team will meet with you to show how to read your system and answer any questions.